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Key Profiles to Excel in Software Development Projects

26 November 2020

For any project to succeed there must be proper leadership and the right direction. Each team involved in their respective steps must be working together, towards a shared level of quality. There can be a bit of a disconnect for most people when it comes to understanding what key profiles such tasks require. Without them, problems are all but guaranteed down the line. At Cyrex, we place huge importance on involving the right people during the development of any service or product. As an example, let’s talk about the process of software development and three key profiles involved.

Project Manager

At the top of organisation is the Project Manager or PM. Our project managers are there to ensure the overall service and development remains on track and within the scope of the customer’s vision. They will assist in project conception, initiation, planning, and execution. And during the project timeline, will be following and upholding the standards of quality expected for Cyrex development. Ultimately this role is about good communication. Without it, the lines between the team and the client break down. If that happens, there’s only trouble down the line.

At Cyrex, it’s important to us that we approach each development with the customer’s needs in mind. We don’t do one-size-fits-all, we don’t create generic software that anyone can use. Each and every project is unique to us and to our customers. Therefore, each piece of development is designed to be a bespoke solution for a personalised end product. This, ultimately, falls to our project managers who ensure that we stay true to these tenets.

Team Lead

While project managers oversee several projects, in each individual case we have our team leaders. Leading the team in development, these leaders ensure the excellence and quality that Cyrex expects. Our teams are led by clear and honest communication, driving towards innovation, and being motivated in providing the best possible result for our customers. That high-quality end result is our goal. Without a team leader, the quality will almost assuredly drop as deadlines go unmet and the team operates unorganised.

The team leader is the inspiration in these aspects, and they are also the driver of them. Leading by example, they will keep a clear and open line of communication between the project manager, customer, and the team. They will strategize the best approach for each project and do their best to facilitate the highest quality end product. Each team lead is a veteran and native programmer of the industry, ensuring that the software is designed with your day-to-day needs in mind.

Quality Assurance

No matter how clear and directed a project is or how driven and motivated the team are, there truly is no finished product without quality assurance or QA. In the development life cycle, there are multiple ‘sprints’. These usually span about one or two weeks and are deadlines for tasks to be completed by the developers. Over the course of the development cycle and these sprints, each and every task is checked and tested by those in QA. Within this team, they quash any malfunctioning features and bugs. They find the parts that are not working as intended or expected. Naturally, without a good QA team, your final product would likely be rife with issues and bugs.

When the project manager is overseeing the overarching structure of multiple projects, the team leaders are directing and managing their individual teams, the QA are working with each section as it is completed. There are levels of quality that each stage seeks to attain, a professional and personal quality that each member wants to provide. The QA team works in a highly detailed-oriented and professional manner to double-check each and every task that is completed. This is done to ensure that these final levels meet Cyrex’ and the customer’s expectations.

Cyrex is a team made up of native programmers and our teams have only been growing. This has allowed us to pursue and maintain our level of excellence and quality while expanding our reach.

With each team striving for the highest quality of development and the excellent oversight of the leadership, we are confident in the quality we can provide.

Regardless of industry and company, our software development can help take your processes and bring them into the digital world. Enabling a more efficient, productive, and economic workflow. Talk to us today to see how we can help you.