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Software & Apps

Building a secure future for the IT sector

All information technology can be vulnerable when developed without security in mind. Finding that vulnerability and eliminating it – or creating hack-proof software and applications from scratch – is our bread and butter. Every industry leverages IT in their day-to-day from corner store grocers to Fortune 500 companies. Having the right software, applications, and tech for your business is key to success. Why settle for an off-the-rails bundle when you can have your software and apps made to fit your daily needs and processes? Why implement after-the-fact security measures when you can build them right into the places they matter most?

We wear our native development and cybersecurity credentials like a badge of honour. It allows us to approach each security or development project from a tech-first perspective, always keeping functionality, impenetrability, and innovation at the fore.

Building reliable foundations

We know that the IT sector never slows down. Your business is online, live, and in real-time, available and accessible anywhere in the world. You need the tools to support your growth, innovation, and progress. We empower you to bring your dream tools to life.

  • Personal and financial data
  • White, black, and grey box testing
  • Infrastructure reviews and reports
  • Pair hacking
  • Security consultation
  • Custom secure software and apps
  • Tool development
  • Process automation
  • Custom APIs and architecture
  • Built to fit

Perfect your processes with Cyrex

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