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Taking video game and iGaming cybersecurity to the next level.

Keeping your security and development game strong

Since its explosion in the late 1980s, we’ve watched the video games industry grow into a multi-billion dollar behemoth of an industry. With that, it’s developed its share of cyber and business continuity threats. What sets the gaming industry apart from most other sectors is the fact that gamers are tech-literate by nature, add to that the competitive nature of the gamer and you’ve got a breeding-ground for cyberattacks.

We bring that competitive gamer mentality to our video games services too. As gaming specialists, we have seen and heard it all when it comes to how games can (and will) be attacked in the digital space. We build our tools and testing packages around games and the mindset of the gamer.

For players and developers

From console, PC, and mobile gaming to the booming iGaming and online casino sector, our gaming services are designed to align the interests of the developer with the interests of the player. How do we do this? By ensuring a fair playing ground for all.

  • In-game cheating
  • Reverse engineering
  • Server compromise
  • Player data breaches
  • In-game transactions
  • Scripting
  • Data, player, platform management
  • Bot creation
  • Issuing bans or muting players
  • Monitoring in-game activity

Level up your game’s security and software suite with Cyrex

Get in touch with the Cyrex gaming team today to talk about what a cybersecurity or custom tool could do for your processes and your players.