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Cyrex’ New Indie First Security Program for First-Time Developers

9 October 2020

Cyrex is launching a brand-new program, Indie First, to protect indie developers in the gaming sector. Cybersecurity is a constantly growing worry and with more indie developers emerging now more than ever, there is a huge need for awareness and proactivity in the space. Cyrex wants to give developers that boost they need to keep their IP, revenue, and players safe from any malicious hackers.

About the Indie First Program

Cyrex was born of an indie ethos. It believes in independent creativity. But it is also aware that independence can come with both blind spots and budget constraints. Not everyone can be expected to be an expert in security and not every developer has the scope to take care of it.

Cyrex wants to reach out to the indie community and help developers to empower themselves with strong security systems that keep players and games safe. It knows that anti-cheat systems are nice to have but that only the best security can be found in full server-side security.

This new program is an investment in Cyrex' own vision: a world where data and people are safe online. A world where we preserve privacy, compliance, and business continuity through ethical hacking.

How is Cyrex doing this? By offering a significant discount to indie developers creating their first project!

How Does It Work?

This new program opens up the full spectrum of Cyrex' security services to first-time indie developers.

Cyrex' team of security experts will work on a full penetration testing cycle; first conducting reconnaissance on your game, it’s architecture, features, and mechanisms. Once fully investigated, the team will begin testing for any potential vulnerabilities or injection points. Any that are found will be fully documented to a reproducible level. Finally, they will provide a detailed vulnerability report followed by best-practice solutions and pseudo-code.

All of this will be provided with this indie program, nothing watered-down or discounted except the price. All participants in the program will get the full testing cycle and follow-up reviews and solutions.

Why Launch Indie First?

For Cyrex, every studio, project, and company deserve proper security and the peace of mind it brings. Indie developers in particular need security to protect their players and their business. With a breach, damage to operations and privacy can be devastating. In addition, a penetration test document can be very important when looking to sell their game to publishers.

There are serious threats for developers such as loss of revenue and reputation, damage to the IP, corruption of data, and losing out on player counts.

These are threats for bigger studios as well, but indie developers don't have the expansive, established support systems in place that bigger developers do. If things go wrong for an indie developer, the consequences hit harder and the developer will have far less scope to try and rectify the issues.

What indie developers need and what Cyrex wants to offer is an experienced partner. One who knows how to advise and get things back in the right direction.

Can Anyone Apply?

This program offers a sizeable discount on full penetration testing for indie developers.

To be eligible for the program, you must be a first-time indie developer. Beyond that, there are no restrictions on genre, build, type of game, any language (coding or otherwise), platform, or country.

Cyrex is a passionate advocate of the grassroots of gaming and wants to see the indie community flourish, this is how the team plays a part in that.

Join Cyrex' program today. Our group of industry-leading experts are waiting to help protect you and your players. Our team are leaders in cybersecurity and specialise in games, talk to us today about joining the program. Not an indie dev? Not to worry, we’ve got your back too! Drop our security experts a line and let’s talk your game’s safety.