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Reduce Cheating and Hacking up to 90% with Cyrex GST

29 October 2020

Cloud gaming offers a range of benefits to developers, from the reach and accessibility and the removal of hardware or geographical barriers for players. But one such benefit that can be consistently overlooked is the level of protection it brings against cheating and hacking.

How does the cloud prevent cheating and hacking?

Cheating and hacking is always a problem, no matter the service or platform. Regardless of the security implemented, the risk is always there for intrusions. There are people around the world always waiting to take advantage or test themselves against the newest security system. For many, breaking through a system’s security is even a point of pride.

The main strength of cloud gaming is that it just provides an audio/visual stream. What this means is that the players receive no access to the game files or code.

In broad terms, the stream that players receive and play with can only send inputs like clicks and keystrokes. This dramatically decreases the possibility of tampering and intrusions as hackers or potential cheaters can only send these clicks, keystrokes, and basic inputs into the stream.

Hackers stopped at the door, rather than found in the code.

What the cloud provides is several significant barriers between the players and the inputs they can manipulate. The actual game-related network requests are no longer sent from the player's device (as in traditional play) but from the cloud itself. A malicious player or potential abuser of the game has no control over what is requested of the server and what is sent into it.

As cybersecurity specialists, we understand that the best way to stop a hacker is at the door, not in the code. Like home security, you’d rather know someone is outside your house, not that they’ve just gotten in.

The cloud offers the barrier of the video stream, which severely limits what a hacker can work with. With that limit, the injection points (points where someone could gain entry to the files or cod) are very limited in comparison with the actual functionality of the game.

In the past, the hacker could have control over a request of player coordinates for example, abusing them to move faster or teleport somewhere else. Now they can only send a keystroke, essentially this offers less for a hacker to abuse in a game system.

Not just hackers, but aimbotters, cheaters and more.

While reducing access is effective against hackers and those seeking to break into the code, it also protects against those seeking to simply manipulate to their own ends it as well (something extremely common in competitive online games like MMOs). This will stop people attempting to automate or enhance their own play with scripts or cheats.

This will shut down those attempting to aimbot (a script which would enhance a player’s aim towards opponents’ heads or bodies) or wallhack (see enemies through walls). Without stopping these abusive scripts, other players are left at a significant disadvantage. There are few players who will stick around if it’s proven time and time again that others can simply abuse the system and leave nothing for an honest player.

The cloud removes the ability to write scripts from malicious players, meaning no more automation and no more advantages. No more mining or smithing bots, no more auto-loot scripts. No more uneven XP or rewards for those hacking, no more frustration as these hackers embrace an unfair advantage. Just an even playing field for every player.

If you’re interested in cracking down and removing cheaters and hackers from your game, get in touch to see what Cyrex GST can do for you. If you’re interested in cybersecurity or development, we’d love to hear from you to see how we can benefit your project.