Ultimate Pirates

Ultimate Pirates is an online strategy game on Android and Microsoft Windows, set around building a vast fleet and engaging in real-time PvP battles. Form alliances, develop and grow your own pirate island, and explore the mysteries of the sea.

Ultimate Pirates is a mobile and browser game created by Moonmana Sp. z o.o. It’s a base management and fleet combat game set in the Age of Piracy. We were contracted to conduct penetration tests under our Grey Box testing services.

We tested a variety of functionalities as standard as well as the security of the title given its mobile and browser nature. These included:

  • Quest system (daily, weekly, tutorial path)
  • Resource gathering and management
  • Building system
  • Premium currency shop
  • Military unit limitations (unit numbers & ship capacities)
  • Builder unit limit
  • Time based building limits

Following our testing, we discovered and reported several vulnerabilities. In a comprehensive report, we detailed our findings alongside suggested routes to patch the issues.

Ultimate Pirates

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