Magical artefacts have emerged and thrust the world into a state of chaos. Natural life has been corrupted and war has erupted between the kingdoms. With magic and strength, defend yourself, your kingdom and your allies against the darkest forces of evil in this massive MMORPG.

Metin2 is an MMORPG originally released in Korea in 2004 and later republished in Europe. Developed by Webzen, it is set in troubling times. In a world of dragons and demon lords, players can pit themselves against monsters or other players in pursuit of glory. We were contracted to conduct Black Box penetration tests.

We tested an array of functionalities including:

  • Player physics (movement, jumping)
  • PvP Duels
  • PvE Combat
  • Mount and pet system
  • Guild and land system
  • Kingdom and class systems
  • Weapon and equipment crafting
  • Seasonal and community events

Our testing discovered several high-risk vulnerabilities. We advised the game’s team on how best to secure these under best practice security principles in a comprehensive report.

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