Kingdom Under Fire II

Released on all major platforms in 2019, Kingdom Under Fire II is an action-packed combination of the MMORPG and RTS systems developed by Blueside Studio. Set in the fantasy battlefields of Bersia, choose your hero and set out to explore the world before leading your troops into epic-scale battles.

While working with the Blueside developers, we engaged with the scope they had in mind. We worked within their custom engine on the gameplay systems and the integration with the player client.

The gameplay services we tested include:

  • The complete battle system (the RTS system of commanding NPCs to fight alongside you)
  • Skills (such as crafting and the equipment upgrade system)
  • Quests
  • Physics (these include player movement, flying, attacking, aiming, etc.)
  • Active and passive combat abilities
  • Trading
  • PvP and PvE combat
  • Drop and loot systems
  • Hub map traversal
  • Mounts


Through our testing we discovered a number of critical issues and vulnerabilities. Had they been found and exploited, there would have been devastating results for both developer and player. We advised on the nature of these vulnerabilities and they were patched in a manner according to the best practice security principles. Once patching had been completed, we conducted a full sanity and regression test.

Kingdom Under Fire II

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