Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame is an epic fantasy adventure set in the dying world of dragons. Choose your own path, gather your strength, and take a stand against the cursed forces and destructive evil haunting the land.

Frozen Flame is a Dreamside Interactive game, we worked to help secure their vibrant, open-world MMORPG against malicious actors. The testing was conducted under our Black Box penetration testing services. Using this style of penetration test emulates a real-world hacking approach.

Frozen Flame is developed using the Unreal 4 networking protocol and engine, which we are very familiar with. This knowledge helped us to dive straight into the testing once we’d established the functionalities in need of testing.

Some of these included:

  • Resource gathering system
  • Crafting system (weapons, armour, housing)
  • Levelling up and trait system
  • Combat abilities and ability tree
  • Player physics (movement, gliding, flying, combat)
  • Friend, party, and guild system
  • Faction system

We discovered a number of unique vulnerabilities which were deemed critical by the client’s technical team. In line with our service, we delivered a full and comprehensive security report for the development team to conduct patching on the vulnerabilities.

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