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Cyrex Break Down Hardware Barriers with New Game Streaming Technology

21 October 2020

For decades now, access to gaming hardware, machines, and accessories has been a major barrier to entry for players everywhere. From today, those barriers will get a little easier to navigate. We’d like to introduce Cyrex GST. Our new game streaming technology (GST) allows video games developers to port their games to the cloud for direct streaming on both PC and mobile. No extra coding or development needed, our teams ensure your game is available and ready to go anywhere via your very own cloud gaming platform.

Our brand-new game streaming technology empowers video games developers and publishers to host their own cloud gaming platforms. This breakthrough technology shatters previous barriers to entry for players the world over.

GST is all about putting power and independent ownership in the hands of the game's developer, freeing them from the obligation to take part in the mainstream, and sometimes restrictive, cloud gaming services. Cyrex GST gives developers their own native cloud streaming service, unlocking potentially millions of new players almost instantly. For players, it also allows a whole new level of access to high-spec games which may have previously been unavailable to them because of hardware or geographical restrictions.

Cyrex GST makes your games available online around the clock for streaming from any Windows PC or Android smart device. No extra coding or additional development to the original game or application needed. Just pure, uninterrupted play anywhere and anytime. The breakthrough departure in independent cloud gaming also offers optional full hosting solutions for developers and games creators who may not yet have the scope for hosting their own platforms in-house.

How Does GST Work?

Taking a traditional game to a cloud platform may seem like a daunting task. With our new game streaming technology, it’s as simple as uploading it to the cloud. The process is secure, non-invasive, and involves no code or client changes on the developer side at all. Our teams take care of the entire porting process, allowing you to focus your valuable attention on what you do best – making great games. Once games have been successfully ported and tested, your very own cloud gaming platform is ready for deployment and will be playable by gamers anywhere!

Cyrex GST ports PC and mobile games of any kind (Unity, Unreal Engine, proprietary, or otherwise) and makes them stream ready. For games already released on PC, once available on GST, players will be able to access even the most taxing or high-spec games from the cloud. When it comes to AAA games that may be traditionally unavailable on older or lower specification computers or for players struggling with precious hard drive space, the cloud offers a clear and undeniable solution. Once ported and prepared for the cloud, you’ll be ready to deliver games to players around the world on PC and Android smart devices (mobile, tablet, TV).

Why Make the Move to the Cloud?

As games or application developers and professionals in the video games industry, we can take for granted the privilege of having access to top-of-the-line hardware and tech. For a lot of gamers out there, especially those in developing or newly emerging markets, this simply isn’t the case. There are giant gaming audiences itching to play the AAA games of tomorrow who may not have the luxury of full-time access to a PC gaming rig or even a last-gen console. In fact, in many corners of the market, the gaming device of choice (or necessity) is the humble smartphone. The cloud evens this playing field.

For Cyrex, access is everything. Whether that’s access to world-class security for developers or access to the top games for players. We want to democratize the gaming space for everyone. With Cyrex GST, our goal is to allow anyone who wants to play great games to get involved, and never restrict players because of something like hardware access or geographical location.

For many, cloud gaming and streaming will be the great equalizer. But the time to get ahead is now. Build your own native game streaming platform with Cyrex GST and ensure the fans of your games always have open and easy access to the titles they love. No consoles or high-end PCs needed. Just a smart device connected to the internet and a love of the game.

Step beyond the traditional and extend your reach across the globe. Our development and cloud streaming technology teams are true innovators in disruptive gaming solutions and are passionate about bringing your games to unrestricted audiences. Get involved with Cyrex GST today, expand your reach to players worldwide, and breakthrough the restrictions of hardware or location to the world of hassle-free cloud gaming.